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All the assisted living facilities and providers are privately owned and operated facilities that are designed to provide quality care for
elderly seniors in a setting uniquely designed for the elderly's needs. Open doors with a welcoming environment and
compassionate caregivers for daily living. Our free assisted living advisory services provide family members professional
guidance and transition support into assisted living and Alzheimer's care facilities.

Our assisted living advisors are a great place to start if you are looking for an assisted living home for a family member in the
State of New Jersey. Whether you are needing a great care home quickly, unfamiliar with assisted living, searching in general, planning
a move, desiring a particular community, or looking to save on all the time and hassle of making appointments and waiting on
return calls, call one of our advisors to schedule a tour!

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Assisted living advisors that provide the best that NJ has to offer to the elderly looking for a great place to call home!
Living a happy and sound life are important measures to "quality of life" which directly corresponds to longevity. There are some great places to live in NJ. It is
our job to help you find the right facility the first time around. We help make the search process orderly and customize a plan for each individual based on
need and preferences. Bypass the need to move before you realize the place you may choose is not the best place for your loved one, let us help you. We believe
every resident should be allowed to lead an enriched life reguardless of age or disability. Our partner facilities offer life enhancement
opportunities in social, emotional, physical, spiritual, purposeful and intellectual aspects of daily living.

New Jersey Assisted Living does more than conventional assisted living providers. We give you free advice and direction, free consultation and homes
and services that give a complete level of care to you or your loved one. We try to create the most appropriate living environment for elderly family members so they
can feel as much comfort as they would as if they were at home. We take pride in our homes and hope everyone feels the same way we do about what we have to offer.

Every resident has a personal care plan that is documented and tracked by trained personnel so that the health and stability of the resident is know to the
care staff and the family. We also help you with paperwork, documentation and referral to specialist and other professionals. Senior living in NJ, in an
assisted living home, can be a big lift to a person's spirit. Ask about religious settings such as Catholic and Jewish Care Homes.

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Once we have narrowed your list of potential facilities, we will schedule a time for a tour. It’s ok to schedule a last minute visit. You should call before hand to let us
know what time we can expect you to arrive. This will allow us to schedule multiple tours and handle most visiting activities in one day to two days. We can observe
many things when we tour. This will allow you to see first hand how the staff may interact and the setting and cleanliness of the facility. Finally, involve all of your
family in the decision to move into a particular assisted living facility. If the majority of the family agrees then the decision should be made without delay.
All family member's feelings and concerns should be taken into consideration knowing that the most important aspect is the safety of the elder being considered.

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Talking About Assisted Living with an Elderly Family Member

When you have a visit, holiday or other occasion that brings the opportunity, it may be time to have an open and frank discussion with the elderly senior
in your family about plans and goals pertaining to long term care outside the primary home. Long term care, wants, end-of-life desires and other goals that
are age related should be discussed more specifically when personal safety may be in question. Whether the stove gets left on, medication isn't
being taken properly, fall risk or any type of personal safety risk can be signs of a greater need to discuss getting professional care. Getting the
conversation started shouldn't have to wait for a risk to become an incident. Having the conversation now can be more productive - though challenging.

Our loved-ones, in many cases, think the conversation for assisted living is too soon, they think they are giving up their freedom. Just because someone
is of a certain age, doesn't mean they aren't old, or too young for extra care. Particularly with a disease like Alzheimer's or other dementia related
diseases, there could be outright denial and strong resistance due to impaired judgement. Memory impairment, strokes, broken hips, heart or
lung conditions can bring the need for care sooner regardless of a persons "age".

Sometimes the adult children avoid these discussions because they are not used to picturing their parents in any other setting as they have enjoyed a
routine for many years without change. The children also worry about having to deal with the finances and many other responsiblities
that come with transitioning a love-one into the care of others. Other children think they can provide the care themselves but quickly get
overwhelmed by the responsibility. Confront these issues when the signs appear before it's too late and then "everything" becomes an emergency.

Having the "tough talks" may be unpleasant but having the talks before-hand can save headache of finding out what displeases them while transferring from
one type of facility to another. None of us want to face these issues but being proactive is much better than being reactive. We all want to think we
can just keep doing what we want, when we want, how we want, but there comes a time that it all changes. Hopefully, these changes come
slowly but in many situations it's all too quickly and this can disrupt the lives of the entire family. If advanced planning for care is in
place when these events occur there will be less stress for everyone in the short and long term.

Other factors can complicate these discussions so include as much of the family as possible. The fewer suprises the better when major life changes occur.
There may well be disagreements and reconsidering of certain factors. Keep trying, be low-key, respectful, open to suggestions but firm in making sure
these conversations occur. Tell them you love them and you just want the best for them - to be as happy and safe as possible.

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